Suggu (Mix in Korean) is a new Alphabet mashup of Hangul(Korean Alphabet) and Latin Alphabet.

Korean Hangul and Roman Alphabet Alphabet are both Phonetic Alphabets a writing system based on a set of symbols representing different sounds. Therefore mixing the two alphabets is possible and easy.


Suggu is the mix between Roman Alphabets consonants (B C D F G...) and Hanguls vowels ( ...).

Internet and mobile technology is shaping the way people communicate. Social networks and blogs are connecting people from different cultures from all around the world. Instant messaging, texting, twittering are changing the way we write and form sentences. Everyday, new words, trends, and languages are being formed. Suggu is a new alphabet which reflects this mixing of cultures.


Project by Ji Lee, Sue Park / Font Design by Yi Kyung A

Special thanks to Ahn Sang-Soo, Lee Yong Je and Joon Mo Kang

We encourage you to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon Suggu, even commercially, as long as they credit Suggu for the original creation.